Un numéro spécial: Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B – Evolutionary rescue in changing environments

Un numéro spécial sur le « Sauvetage évolutif » est publié, plusieurs personnes de l’ISEM ont contribué à l’édition et aux articles de ce numéro, qui a fait suite à la conférence « Evolutionary rescue in a changing world », Montpellier 2011.

Issue compiled and edited by Andrew Gonzalez, Ophélie Ronce, Regis Ferrière and Michael E. Hochberg.
The ubiquity of global environmental change and its impacts on biodiversity poses a clear and urgent challenge for biologists. In many cases, environmental change is so widespread and rapid that plants and animals can neither accommodate to them physiologically nor migrate to a more favourable site. Extinction will ensue unless the population adapts fast enough to counter the rate of decline.
The aim of this special issue is to present current understanding of evolutionary rescue: the case where evolution can reverse rapid population decline due to environmental stress, and so prevent otherwise inevitable extirpation. Remarkably, little is known about the prevalence of evolutionary rescue in nature, and even less about how to predict it. The contributions to this issue provide new insights about when evolutionary rescue might occur, address the latest conceptual developments, and report novel theoretical and experimental results. The results show that this burgeoning area of research can inform problems of direct practical concern, such as the conservation of biodiversity, adaptation to climate change, and the emergence of infectious disease. The continued development of research on ER will be necessary if we are to understand the extent to which anthropogenic global change will reduce the Earth’s biodiversity.
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