Séminaire du Lundi 20 février « conf’isem|Alecia Carter|11h Salle Louis Thaler

A la rentrée des vacances de Février, lundi 20 février, nous aurons le plaisir d’entendre Alecia Carter, nouvellement recrutée à l’ISEM dans l’équipe de biologie évolutive humaine; ça sera donc une Conf’isem, suivi d’un petit pot d’accueil;

Alecia nous parlera de: Experimentally-induced traditions in wild Namibian baboons

The formation of culture in animal societies, including humans’, relies on the social transmission of information among individuals in a group. However, phenotypic constraints on the acquisition, application and exploitation of social information may limit the formation of culture within groups. To better understand whether phenotypic constraints on social information use limit the transmission of information within groups, I experimentally seeded three traditions in each of two troops of wild Namibian chacma baboons (Papio ursinus) over two years. Though we observed both directed social learning and withholding of information, which could potentially decrease information flow in groups, the troops rapidly adopted both tasks to form traditions within 3 weeks. I discuss how species differences in (i) information diffusion, (ii) rates of innovation and (iii) social structure may shape the formation of culture.

Venez nombreux salle Louis Thaler bâtiment 22 ISEM, 2e étage, Université de Montpellier, à 11h.