Séminaire du Lundi 27 février |Daniel Souto-Vilaros |11h Salle Louis Thaler

Lundi prochain, Eric Imbert a invité Daniel Souto-Vilaros, un ancien étudiant de l’ISEM, actuellement en thèse à University of South Bohemia (République Tchèque) qui nous parlera de: « Ficus speciation along a mountain gradient. Wasp dispersal as an isolating mechanism.  »

Sa présentation sera en anglais.

Fig pollination is a well known, species-specific, mutualism where both players rely exclusively on each other for reproduction. Despite of some Ficus species having broad distributions, environmental and geographic variations may cause local adaptation of both figs and wasps, thus isolating populations. Along the Mt. Wilhelm altitude graddient in Papua New Guinea, we focus on six Ficus species which appear to be along the ‘speciation continuum.’ We use next generation sequencing techniques in order to identify population genetic structure of both wasps and figs. Additionally, we use ecologically relevant traits for pollinator attraction and reproduction in order to understand the influence pollinating wasps have on geneflow and ultimately speciation.

Venez nombreux l’écouter à 11h, lundi en salle Louis Thaler, bât 22, 2e étage, ISEM, UM.