CONF’ISEM Vasilis Dakos | lundi 12 juin | à 11h salle Louis Thaler ( dans le cadre des séminaire du Lundi)

Les Conf’ISEM sont présentées dans le cadre du « Séminaire du Lundi ». Le personnel de l’ISEM est convié à écouter Vasilis, nouvel entrant à l’institut.

A l’issue du séminaire, un pot de bienvenue pour continuer la conversation sera offert.

Bonjour à toutes et tous,

Lundi, c’est Vasilis Dakos de l’équipe BioDICée nous parlera de:  Τhe Inevitability of Surprise under Global Environmental Change

Evidence is increasing that large scale abrupt changes in ecosystems, fisheries, oceanic circulation patterns, or even human physiology are examples of catastrophic transitions between different dynamical states typically referred to as tipping points. Recent theoretical findings suggest that distinct properties tend to rule system dynamics prior to such transitions. When quantified, these properties may be even used as indicators of loss of resilience for these systems. In this talk, I will present my work on how we can quantify resilience and detect tipping points in ecological systems. I will use mutualistic communities as an example of measuring resilience to stress in ecological networks. Lastly, I will outline some future ideas on how we can expand such approaches to better understand ecosystem resilience in a variety of ecosystems.

Venez nombreux l’écouter à 11h salle Louis Thaler bâtiment 22, 2ème étage.