Séminaire du Lundi 6 novembre | Dorothy Christopher invitée de Céline Devaux | 11h30 salle Louis Thaler

Ce lundi 6 novembre, nous accueillerons Dorothy Christopher invitée de Céline Devaux équipe Métapopulations.

Patterns of sex ratio variation among populations of the gynodioecious Geranium maculatum

While most plant species are hermaphroditic, systems with separate sexes have evolved independently multiple times across the angiosperms. One such system is gynodioecy, in which females and hermaphrodites co-occur in the species. Interestingly, the sex ratio varies widely across populations. To elucidate processes that shape to the population female frequency, we used G. maculatum, a perennial species common throughout eastern North America in which populations vary from 0-35% female. We analyzed population genetic structure across twenty-eight populations located along a north-south transect in the eastern US and found lower gene flow rates in high female frequency populations. Additionally, we examined patterns of gene flow within populations and found reduced pollen dispersal distances when females are present. This has implications for the evolution and maintenance of gynodioecy in G. maculatum.

Venez nombreux salle Louis Thaler à 11h30, bâtiment 22 au 2e étage à l’ISEM

Bon séminaire !

Séminaire du Lundi 16 octobre à 11h30 | Anne-Laure Ferchaud | Impacts des changements environnementaux …

Ce lundi 16 octobre nous accueillerons Anne-Laure Ferchaud (Canada) invité de Benoit Nabholz équipe Phylogénie et Evolution Moleculaire . Elle nous parlera de « Impacts des changements environnementaux sur la réponse génomique dans un contexte d’adaptation et de biologie de la conservation. »

Venez nombreux salle Louis Thaler à 11h30, bâtiment 22 au 2e étage à l’ISEM