Séminaire du Lundi 20 novembre | Luisjo Gilarranz invité de Vasilis Dakos & Sonia Kéfi | 11h30 salle Louis Thaler

Ce lundi 20 novembre, nous accueillerons Luisjo Gilarranz invité de Vasilis Dakos & Sonia Kéfi équipe BioDICéeLuisjo Gilarranz  nous parlera de :
The spatial structure of biodiversity: theory, experiments, and synthesis

Ecosystems worldwide are experiencing an unprecedented rate of degradation. This has tremendous consequences for wildlife and for the lives and the economies of all of us. After decades of research we wonder whether we have a good enough understanding of ecological systems to revert the situation. Such understanding should come from a dialogue between theoretical advances and experiments and synthesis that may support or debunk such theories.

In this talk I’m going to contrast theory against data to show that species interactions, perturbations, and dispersal routs play a big role in determining the health of an ecosystem in a certain location. Moreover, the fact that certain places seem healthier than others allows us to unveil previously undocumented effects of anthropogenic activities. Even when ecological communities may seem healthy in terms of the presence and abundance of their constituent species, they may be losing the capacity to withstand further environmental degradation.

Venez nombreux salle Louis Thaler à 11h30, bâtiment 22 au 2e étage à l’ISEM
Bon séminaire !