Séminaire du Lundi 19 mars à 11h30 | dép. DIVERSITE | Anja Widdig invitée par Marie Charpentier | Biologie évolutive humaine

Ce lundi 19 mars à 11h30 nous accueillons Anja Widdig (University of Leipzig & MPI for Evolutionary Anthropology Leipzig, Germany) invitée par Marie Charpentier équipe Biologie évolutive humaine

Elle nous parlera de : Paternal kinship: patterns, behavioral bias and cues of kin recognition

Kinship is one of the important drivers in shaping primate social complexity. In this talk I aim to illustrate the impact of kinship on the evolution of social behavior in primates, focusing particularly on paternal kinship (here father-offspring and paternal sibling dyads) in macaques. First, I will discuss the impact of sex-biased dispersal and male reproductive skew in shaping patterns of kinship in primate groups. Second, I will introduce our work on kin bias in several behavioral contexts and outline potential mechanisms of kin recognition. Third, I will present evidence of visual, acoustic and olfactory cues used to discriminate paternal kin. Finally, I will outline methodological problems and future directions in this research area.

Modérateur Sergio Ferreira Cardoso équipe Phylogénie et Evolution Moleculaire

Venez nombreux salle Louis Thaler à 11h30, bâtiment 22 au 2e étage à l’ISEM

Bon séminaire !