Etienne loic

Research :

I’m doing some analytical and numerical models to understand the evolution of mate choice. I’m mainly interested in the effect of life history, mutuality of choice and competition for mating on the evolution of decision rules used to choose mates (see article 1 below). I’m working under the co-direction of François Rousset and Bernard Godelle, and I’m collaborating with Alexandre Courtiol. I’m currently advising Romain Feron (M1).

Teaching :

I’m giving some courses (mainly in evolutionary biology) for students of L3 and “Prépa Agreg SVT” at “Université de Montpellier 2”.

Others :

I aim to develop researchs about evolutionary biology teaching (see article 2 below). On this topic I’m collaborating with Grégoire Molinatti and Dominique de Vienne.

I’m co-organizing the seminar Models in Evolutionary Ecology for doctorants with Fabien Laroche.


  1. Sexual selection of choosiness under direct benefits, in prep., Loïc Etienne, François Rousset, Bernard Godelle & Alexandre Courtiol.

  2. L’enseignement de l’évolution est-il adapté face aux différentes conceptions de nos élèves ?, Loïc ETIENNE, bulletin n°2, Biologie-Géologie, 2010.