Claude julien
Maitre de Conférence

CLAUDE Julien, Assistant Professor

email: julien.claude at

key words: Morphometrics, turtles, South-East Asia, shape variation and evolution, comparative phylogenetic methods, quantitative genetics.

What do I do:

I am primarly interested at understanding shape variation and evolution of animals in a natural, developmental and ecological context. Quantifying biological shapes for later analyzing them makes therefore part of the core of my researrch. I am also interested in turtle systematics and evolution, and I am working on fossil and living vertebrate communities in South-East Asia. I teach biostat, vertebrate zoology, and evolution.

Some of my publications… (the more or less complete list can be found here)

  1. Claude J. 2008. Morphometrics with R. Springer, New York

  2. Tong H., Claude J., Suteethorn V., Naksri W., and Buffetaut E. (2009). Turtle assemblages of the Khorat Group (Late Jurassic-Early Cretaceous) of NE Thailand and their palaeobiogeographical significance. In Buffetaut E., Cuny G., le Loeuff J. and V. Suteethorn: Late Palaeozoic and Mesozoic continental ecosystems in SE Asia.Geological Society, London, Special Publications 315. 141-152.

  3. Auffray, J.-C. Renaud, S., Claude, J. 2009 Rodent biodiversity in changing environments. Kasetsart J. (Nat. Sci.) 43, 83-93.

  4. Y. Chiari, Y, and Claude J. 2011. Study of the carapace shape and growth in two Galapagos tortoise lineages. Journal of Morphology, 272: 379-386.

  5. Lourenco, J.M., Claude J., Galtier N., Chiari Y. 2012. Dating the cryptodiran nodes: origin and diversification of the turtle superfamily Testudinoidea. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 62: 496- 507.

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