Ginot samuel

Research activities : I study rodent evolution through their cranial morphology and performance (bite force). I use tools like geometric morphometrics (2D), quantitative genetics, dissections, CT-scans and DiceCT scans… to quantify phenotypic variability at the intra-individual (fluctuating asymetry), intra-population, inter-population and interspecific levels.

Teaching activities : I have also been teaching since the start of my phd as a full-time (64h/year) Teaching Assistant, in first year geology and palaeontology. For my third year, I have also started teaching practical courses in statistics for bio-health master students.

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  2. Ginot S, Hautier L, Herrel A, Claude J .Morphometric models for estimating bite force in murid rodents: empirical versus analytical models. Oral presentation at ICVM 2016
  3. Ginot, S., Claude, J., Pérez, J., and Veyrunes, F. (2017). Sex-reversal induces size and performance differences among females of the African pygmy mouse Mus minutoides. Journal of Experimental Biology.