Tonnabel jeanne

I’m currently working on the evolution of fire adaptations in plants (soil-stored seed-banks, aerial seed banks, resprouting). I theoretically study the impact of the fire regime on the evolution of different fire adaptations strategies. I further confront my models predictions to data about relationships between life-history traits and environment in the Leucadendron genus from the South African fynbos.

J. Tonnabel, A. Mignot, E.J.P. Douzery, T. Rebelo, F. Schurr, J. Midgley, N. Illing, F. Justy, D. Orcel, I. Olivieri, Convergent and correlated evolution of major life-history traits in the angiosperm genus Leucadendron (Proteaceae) Evolution (Accepted)

J. Tonnabel, I. Olivieri, A. Mignot, T. Rebelo, F. Justy, S. Santoni, S. Caroli, L. Sauné, O. Bouchez, E.J.P. Douzery (2014) Developing nuclear DNA phylogenetic markers in the angiosperm genus Leucadendron (Proteaceae): a next-generation sequencing transcriptomic approach, Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 70, 37-46.

J. Tonnabel, Tom J.M. Van Dooren, Jeremy Midgley, Patsy Haccou , Agnès Mignot, Ophélie Ronce and Isabelle Olivieri, (2012) Optimal resource allocation in a serotinous non-resprouting plant species under different fire regimes. Journal of Ecology, 100, 1464-1474.

J. Tonnabel, I. Tattersall, B. Simmen and L. Tarnaud (2011) Decline and demographic changes in the population of the Near Threatened brown lemur Eulemur fulvus on Mayotte. Oryx. 45 : 608-614.