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The objective of my research is the study of long-term climate change in the intertropical zone, with a focus on seasonality and interannual variability during the Holocene.

My two main projects aim at estimating the natural variability and the sensitivity of (1) El Niño and the Southern oscillation (ENSO) in the Eastern tropical pacific, and (2) the seasonality and intensity of the West African Monsoon in western Sahel. Paleoclimate observations are mainly based on sclerochronology and high resolution geochemical records of fossil mollusk shells. This work involves a combination of paleoclimate proxy development, paleoclimate reconstruction, and comparisons with GCM simulations.


List of publications


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Download MoCo: MoCo_Matlab, MoCo_R

Lerosey-Aubril, R., Hegna, T. A., Kier, C., Bonino, E., Habersetzer, J., and Carré, M. (2012). Controls on Gut Phosphatisation: The Trilobites from the Weeks Formation Lagerstätte (Cambrian; Utah), PLoS ONE, 7, e32934, doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0032934


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