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I’m working as post-doc in the HYRAX project (PI: Brian Chase). Palaeoenvironmetal records for southern Africa are rare due to the lack of wetlands. Rock hyrax middens represent a new fossil archive in which, among others proxies, fossil pollen and microcharcoal are preserved. My role in the project is to focus on past vegetation dynamics and fire history by means of pollen and microcharcoal analysis. Hyrax middens are also an archive for carbon and nitrogen isotopes, which can be considered as a proxy for past environmental changes. The overall aim of the project is to reconstruct vegetation responses to climatic shifts and to elucidate the role of fire in the vegetation dynamics. This research will also increase the palaeoecological understanding of the fossil pollen in southern Africa.

Research interest

Palynology, plant macrofossils, fire history, Quaternary vegetation history, prehistoric human impact, quantifying past vegetation cover

Peer reviewed papers

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