Antoine pierre olivier

My research focuses on: 1) Cenozoic stratigraphy, biochronology, and paleogeography in Asia and Western Europe ; 2) the evolution of Recent and fossil mammals (anatomy, systematics, phylogeny, and biochronology) with respect to palaeoenvironmental changes and Cenozoic geodynamics ; 3) the evolution of Cenozoic biodiversity in the Amazon Basin and the Altiplano, with respect to Andean geodynamics.

I teach palaeontology in most of its aspects (morphoanatomy, systematics, phylogeny, paleobiology, biochronology, palaeoenvironments, and taphonomy), both in the field and through practical lessons and lectures. These lectures are mainly aimed to B.Sc. students (life and earth sciences) and M.Sc. students (palaeontology) in the University of Montpellier 2.

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