Danilo laure


I work on endocranial structures, in particular the brain and the inner ear in paleogenes Equoidea (which include Equidae and Palaeotheriidae). I used scanners (CT scans) for the investigation of these structures. Then I process to computing 3D reconstructions. Analysis and comparisons from these reconstructions will contribute to a better understanding of the evolution of the brain in particular.

Besides my research activities, I have two complementary missions. First I hold some teaching (mainly Palaeontology practical work) and scientific diffusion for the general public and students (projects, exhibitions, animations…)

Danilo, L., Remy, J. A., Vianey-Liaud, M., Marandat, B., Sudre, J., Lihoreau, F. A new Eocene locality in Southern France sheds light on the basal radiation of Palaeotheriidae (Mammalia, Perissodactyla, Equoidea). In review. (Journal of Vertebrate Palaeontology).