Lebrun renaud


I manage the 3D imaging facilities (EasyTom 150 microtomograph and associated imaging workstations) housed at the ISEM. These facilities are part of the imaging platform MRI (Montpellier RIO Imaging). X-Ray microtomography makes it possible to study extant and fossil organisms in a non-destructive manner. I help researchers to apply 3D imaging techniques to their favorite study organism. Within the framework of my research, I develop 3D analysis software, and focus on the evolution of primate cranial structures.

I develop and maintain the websites of the scientific journals Palaeovertebrata and MorphoMuseuM.

I also participate to the RTP Tomo3D network : http://rtptomo3d-inee.cnrs.fr/

ORCID id: 0000-0002-5819-2653

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