Allio remi

Using phylogenies and sequences analyzes, my research aims to understand the links between ecological traits and molecular evolution.

Currently, I am a PhD student and I participate in the ERC ConvergeAnt project. The main objectives my PhD are to reveal the genomic adaptations underlying the convergent evolution of myrmecophagous phenotypes in armadillos, anteaters, aardvarks, pangolins, and aardwolves. The fundamental evolutionary questions we aim to answer by the completion of this project are:

(1) Which genomic adaptations have evolved in response to the selective constraints imposed by the myrmecophagous life-style?

(2) Do the same genomic adaptations underlie the convergent phenotypes seen in independent ant-eating mammalian lineages?

(3) How widespread is adaptive convergent molecular evolution in ant-eating placental genomes?

Allio, R., Donega, S., Galtier, N., & Nabholz, B. (2017). Large Variation in the Ratio of Mitochondrial to Nuclear Mutation Rate across Animals: Implications for Genetic Diversity and the Use of Mitochondrial DNA as a Molecular Marker. Molecular Biology and Evolution, 34(11), 2762–2772.