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Walter Finsinger

Chargé(e) de recherche CNRS Equipe Dynamique des Ecosystèmes et Changements Globaux
Tél. +33 4 67 14 32 70
Mots clés paléoécologie histoire des feux dynamique des écosystèmes biodiversité

About me

I’m a broadly trained palaeoecologist with main interests in reconstructing past environmental changes, with a specific focus on vegetational responses to climate change and disturbance (e.g. fire and land use). My main research tools are plant remains (pollen, plant macrofossils, and charcoal) preserved in late-Quaternary deposits.

Research activity

More details on my research activities, publications, and opinions can be found on my personal webpage

Contact address

Walter Finsinger

Palaeoecology – ISE-M (UMR 5554 CNRS)

University Montpellier

2 place Eugène Bataillon – CC065 (Bat. 22; 3eme etage)

34095 Montpellier Cedex 5


Tel: +33 (0)4 67 14 32 70
Mail: walter.finsinger[at]umontpellier.fr
Personal webpage: http://freewheelinpalaeoecologist.wordpress.com/