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Sophak Lim

Doctorant(e) Equipe Paléoclimats
Localisation Bâtiment 22, 3eme
Mots clés palaeoenvironment climate change Namib Desert rock hyrax midden fossil pollen

I am a doctoral student, and doing my PhD research under supervision of Dr. Brian CHASE at ISE_M. The objective of my topic research is to use fossil pollen from rock hyrax middens in the Namib Desert to determine how Africa’s southwestern low-latitude climates and environments have changed in response to global and regional scale earth system variability over the last 50,000 years. The pollen fossils and micro-charcoal in hyrax middens allow us to understand the vegetation changes in past and the history of fire frequency.

Sophak Lim , Marie-Pierre Ledru , Laurent Bremond , Francisco Valdez , Benoît Devillers , Alfred Hougnon , Charly Favier. Natural hazards and human setting on the equatorian Pacific coast during the late Holocene, Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology (submitted)