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Fernando Seixas

Doctorant(e) Equipe Sexe et Spéciation
Localisation bâtiment 24, 2ème étage
Mots clés Speciation Hybridisation Mitonuclear Coevolution/Coadaptation Population genomics

I’m currently undergoing my 1st year as a PhD student in the framework of a project held in  partnership between members of CIBIO and ISEM. This project I’m involved in relates to the topic of interactions (coevolution and coadaptation) between the nuclear and mitochondrial genomes and we are using the Iberian hare (Lepus granatensis) as a model. This species has experienced massive mitochondrial introgression from an artic species (Lepus timidus) in northern Iberia. Given the interactions between the nuclear and mitochondrial genomes we are investigating whether cytonuclear coadaptation/coevolution accompanied this massive introgression.