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Rémy Dernat

Research engineer Platform Bioinformatics
Phone +33 (0)4 67 14 39 13
Localization Bâtiment 24, 1er étage
Mots clés containers HPC/HTC DevOps Sysadmin

At ISE-M institute since May 2011 (and since 2007 for the CNRS), I am an IT engineer working for our bioinformatic platform, MBB (Montpellier Bioinformatics Biodiversity).

I am in charge of the system/network administration and its evolution for our local needs : HPC, Web, statistics, bioinformatic. I also develop and administer the computing means (virtual machines, cluster, servers, containers and probes/raspberry), trying to tend to “Infrastructure as Code”, and host or (help to) developp various softwares for the MBB platform. A platform which is labelled CeMEB (http://www.labex-cemeb.org/ a “LabEx” / group of 10 laboratories).

The developments I do mainly focus on system or Web (linux bash, php, python, jquery/js …), but sometimes, I help researchers in their IT projects.

Website of the HPC/bioinformatic team [ ISE-M ]: kimura.univ-montp2.fr

[ MBB ] Platform: mbb.univ-montp2.fr