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Philippe Leleux

Research engineer Team Aquaculture and fish diversity
Phone +33 (0)6 60 68 54 19
Localization INRA Toulouse
Mots clés Engineer IT Data analysis Artificial Intelligence CSP ENSEEIHT Bioinformatics

I graduated from ENSEEIHT as an IT engineer in 2014, completing my formation with a Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence (IAICI) the same year.

My Master’s thesis focused on studying and improving Scaffolding technics for whole genome assembly from NGS-high throuput data at INRA, MIAT unit, Toulouse.

I am since employed at IRD, Montpellier to obtain data on carp virus CyHV-3 diversity.


Publications :

1. Nicolas Briot, Annie Chateau, Rémi Coletta, Simon de Givry, Philippe Leleux and Thomas Schiex, A Constraint Programming Approach for Genome Scaffolding, CP’2014.