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Bertrand Limier

Research technician Team Dynamique de la biodiversité, anthropo-écologie
Phone (33)4 67 14 49 97
Localization Bâtiment 22, 3e
Mots clés Grapevine charcoal quantitative eco-anatomy domestication viticulture

I’m particularly interested in applying quantitative eco-anatomy to discriminate wild plants (growing in natural conditions) from cultivated ones (growing under human influence and control), based on the measurements of vascular wood elements. For the moment, my work focuses on the distinction between the wild and the domesticated grapevine. A charcoal reference collection with modern grapevines (wild and cultivated), regularly enriched, is used as a reference for archaeological material from different periods and sites from Southern France. Data assembled in the last 4 years offer vital information for the understanding of the long and complex history of viticulture.

  1. Documenting the history of viticulture via a bio-archaeological approach: the contribution of quantitative eco-anatomy. Poster presented at the Symposium de Morphométrie et Evolution des Formes. Dijon, June 2014.