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Philippe Gaubert

IRD research scientist Team Génétique de la Conservation
Phone +33 (0)4 67 14 32 61
Localization Bât. 22 - 1er étage
Mots clés Molecular tracing bushmeat pangolins evolution African mammals

My investigations feed from the interaction between evolutionary sciences and conservation biology. I study the patterns of diversification of several groups of mammals across different scales, through a multi-scale approach covering phylogenetics, phylogeography, and population genetics. The ultimate goal of my research is to (i) assess the evolutionary dynamics and ecology of heritage taxa and (ii) implement decision-making management protocols based on molecular tools for conservation applications.


My main lines of research are:

 1) Molecular tracing of the African bushmeat market.

Viande de brousse – Cameroun (©Philippe Gaubert 2007)







(©Philippe Gaubert 2007)


(2) Evolution of an “EDGE clade” (pangolins) and traceability of its worldwide traffic through the development of molecular tools.







(©Flobert Njiokou 2006)


(3) Population genetics and molecular ecology of the African Wolf.

equipe genetique conservation_en relation avec l’axe 3





(©Cécile Bloch 2011)


(4) Comparative phylogeography of African mesomammals in the tropics.

equipe genetique conservation_en relation avec l’axe 4





(©Philippe Gaubert 2001)


(5) Dispersal routes and demographic history of Mediterranean Carnivores.







(in Gaubert et al. 2011)


Selected publications:

  1. Gaubert, P., Njiokou, F., Ngua, G., Afiademanyo, K., Dufour, S., Malekani, J., Bi, S.G., Tougard, C., Olayemi, A., Danquah, E., Djagoun, C.A.M.S., Kaleme, P., Mololo, C.N., Stanley, W., Luo, S.-J., Antunes, A., 2016. Phylogeography of the heavily poached African common pangolin (Pholidota, Manis tricuspis) reveals six cryptic lineages as traceable signatures of Pleistocene diversification Mol. Ecol. 25, 5975-5993.
  2. Gaubert, P., Njiokou, F., Olayemi, A., Pagani, P., Dufour, S., Danquah, E., Nutsuakor, M.E.K., Ngua, G., Missoup, A.-D., Tedesco, P.A., Dernat, R., Antunes, A., 2015. Bushmeat genetics: setting up a reference framework for the DNA-typing of African forest bushmeat. Mol. Ecol. Res. 15, 633-651.
  3. Gaubert, P., Machordom, A., Morales, A., López-Bao, J.V., Veron, G., Amin, M., Barros, T., Basuony, M., Djagoun, C.A.M.S., Do Linh San, E., Fonseca, C., Geffen, E., Ozkurt, S.O., Cruaud, C., Couloux, A., Palomares, F., 2011. Comparative phylogeography of two African carnivorans presumably introduced into Europe: disentangling natural versus human-mediated dispersal across the Strait of Gibraltar. J. Biog. 38, 341-358.
  4. Gaubert, P., Denys, G., Oberdorff, T., 2009. Genus-level supertree of Cyprinidae (Actinopterygii: Cypriniformes), partitioned qualitative clade support and test of macro-evolutionary scenarios. Biol. Rev. 84, 653-689.
  5. Gaubert, P., Wozencraft, W.C., Cordeiro-Estrela, P., Veron, G., 2005. Mosaics of convergences and noise in morphological phylogenies: what’s in a viverrid-like carnivoran? Syst. Biol. 54, 865-894.