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Sandrine Canal

Research technician Team Dynamique des Ecosystèmes et Changements Globaux
Phone +33 4 67 14 49 65
Localization Bât. 22 3ème étage


Bremond · S.C. Bodin · I. Bentaleb · C. Favier · S. Canal, 2017. Past tree cover of the Congo Basin recovered by phytoliths and δ13C along soil profile. Quaternary international, 434 : 91-101
Julie C.Alemanabc SandrineCanal-Subitaniab CharlyFavierdLaurentBremondab, 2014. Influence of the local environment on lacustrine sedimentary phytolith records. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 414 : 273-283

Finsinger, T.Fonville, E.Kirilova, A. Lami, P. Guilizzoni, A. F. Lotter, 2014.   A long-term multi-proxy record of varved sediments suggests climate-induced mixing-regime shift in a large hard-water lake ~5000 years ago, S. Subitani for macrocharcoal analysis

Ledru Marie-Pierre, Jomelli V., Bremond L., Ortuno T., Cruz P., Bentaleb I., Sylvestre Florence, Kuentz A., Beck S., Martin C., Pailles C., Subitani S, 2013. Evidence of moist niches in the Bolivian Andes during the mid-Holocene arid period. The Holocene : 23 (11), pp.1547 – 1559

Evidences of drought phases in the Guinean periforest savanna since the African Humid Period; Comptes Rendus de l’Académie des Sciences