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Olivier Duron

CNRS research scientist Team Evolution, Vecteurs, Adaptation et Symbioses
Phone +33 (0)4 67 14 46 57
Localization Bâtiment 22, 1er étage

Selected publications:

1. Atyame CM, Delsuc F, Pasteur N, Weill M & Duron O (2011). Diversification of the Wolbachia endosymbiont in the Culex pipiens mosquito. Molecular Biology and Evolution, 28: 2761-2772.

2. Duron O, Wilkes TE & Hurst GDD (2010) Interspecific transmission of a male-killing bacterium on an ecological timescale. Ecology Letters, 13: 1139-1148.

3. Duron O, Bouchon D, Boutin S, Bellamy L, Zhou L, Engelstadter J & Hurst GDD (2008) The diversity of reproductive parasites among arthropods: Wolbachia do not walk alone. BMC Biology, 6: 27.

4. Duron O, Hurst GDD, Hornett EA, Josling JA & Engelstadter J (2008) High incidence of the maternally inherited bacterium Cardinium in spiders. Molecular Ecology, 17: 1427-1437.

5. Duron O, Fort P and Weill M (2006) Hypervariable prophage WO sequences describe an unexpected high number of Wolbachia variants in the mosquito Culex pipiens. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London – Series B, 273: 495-502.

More publications: olivier.duron.voila.net


Spiderling of Holocnemus pluchei. This species is infected by the Cardinium endosymbiont.