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Yasmine Mansour

PhD student Team Evolution, Vecteurs, Adaptation et Symbioses
Phone +33 4 67 14 47 15
Localization Bât 22, 1er
Mots clés Evolution transposable elements genomics NGS bioinformatics mosquitoes

My thesis project consists on the study of the impact of transposable elements (TE) on the evolution of mosquitoe genomes. I’m mostly interested in the genomes Aedes aegypti (1.3Gb), Anopheles gambiae (278Mb) and Culex pipiens (579Mb), which have been very recently assembled or released.

These closely related species show a huge variability in genome size mainly due to large amount of repeat sequences. Through the development of mathematical and computational approaches, we propose (i) to annotate and analyze TE insertions, (ii) to estimate the recombination rate along each of these genomes, (iii) and then combine the information in order to study TE dynamics. Afterwards, NGS data analysis will allow me analyzing the impact of TE insertions on the evolution of these genomes.