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Florentine Riquet

Post-Doctorant(e) Team Spéciation, Évolution et Adaptation en milieu marin
Phone +33 (0)4 67 46 33 75
Localization Station biologique, Sète
Mots clés population genetics/genomics micro-evolutionary drivers marine species demographic history

My research interest mainly focuses on understanding how act (and interact) micro-evolutionary drivers in marine species displaying atypical demographic characteristics using molecular markers. During my PhD, I specifically aimed to understand the role of selection and genetic drift drivers in the invasive marine gastropod Crepidula fornicata. In a first post-doctoral position, I reconstructed the evolutionary history of several pipefish and the role of sexual selection in the maintenance of reproductive isolation in these apparently panmictic nearshore inhabitants. My interests still aroused on the same themes, I’m starting a post-doc at ISEM focusing on the genetic differentiation along Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts in the long-snouted seahorse, Hippocampus guttulatus

1. Riquet F., Daguin-Thiébaut C., Ballenghien M., Bierne N. & Viard F. (2013) Contrasting patterns of genome-wide polymorphism in 
the native and invasive range of the marine mollusk Crepidula fornicata. Molecular Ecology 22: 1003-1018.

2. Le Cam S., Riquet F., Pechenik J. & Viard F. (2014) Paternity and gregariousness in the sex changing sessile marine gastropod Crepidula convexa: comparison with other protandrous Crepidula species. Journal of Heredity 3: 397‐406.

3. Riquet F., Fleishmakher L. & Wilson AB (en préparation). Environmentally-mediated reproductive variation: The role of mating systems in Syngnathus abaster.

4. Riquet F., Monteiro N. & Wilson AB (en préparation). Evolutionary history across the range of the black‐striped pipefish, Syngnthus abaster.

5. Riquet F., Comtet T., Broquet T. & Viard F (en préparation). Genetic variance and kin‐related individuals within the larval pool support sweepstakes reproductive success in the gastropod Crepidula fornicata.