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Céline Devaux

University lecturer Team Metapopulation
Phone +33 (0)4 67 14 45 95
Localization Bâtiment 22, 2ème étage
Mots clés adaptation modeling quantitative genetics floral traits, pollinators

I teach (lectures and practical, in French and in English) statistics for both undergraduate and graduate Biologists. I give also a brief introduction on quantitative genetics to undergraduate students and help graduate ones build up their knowledge in that field. I am further much involved in the Master Erasmus Mundus in Evolution, both as a local coordinator and a recurrent evaluator of research projects of students.

I am interested in the effects of changes in densities and behavior of pollinators on floral and phenological traits, using modeling in quantitative genetics, to identify ecological and genetic constraints to adaptation of animal-pollinated plants under changing pollination environments. This modeling approach allows integration of many aspects of pollination ecology, including multivariate selection, and genetic architecture of floral traits. I am also collaborating with Virginie Maris to evaluate the practical, normative and social values of the concept of “adaptive potential” and to build new tools in conservation biology, departing from the classical dogmas of a fixist view of species and ecosystem services.