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Anne-Lise Charruault

Team Paleontology
Phone +33 (4) 67 14 32 63
Localization Bâtiment 22, Rez-De-Chaussée
Mots clés Fossils Preparation Casting Segmentation Collections

I’m responsible for the acquisition, extraction, processing and referencing of fossil, physical and virtual data, in order to ensure organized conservation :
– participation in field missions in France and abroad (preparation of equipment, prospections, excavations, sediment sampling) ;
– preparation of fossil specimens : mechanical extraction (micro-chisel, needle, sandblasting) ; chemical extraction (acetic/formic acids, hydrogen peroxide), sifting of fossiliferous sediments, and sorting of the latter under a binocular magnifier ;
– casting of specimens, in particular micro-vertebrates (silicones, resins) ;
– preparation of thin-section samples for the study of the microstructure of dental enamel (cutting, embedding, polishing) ;
– analytical pre-processing of morphological data derived from 3D digital imaging generated by X-ray microtomography (segmentation using Avizo software) ;
– powering physical/virtual collections databases (FileMaker Pro software) ;

I also manage the preparation room “Bio-indicateurs” (Services Mutualisés Scientifiques et Techniques).

And I have to pass on my know-how in terms of preparation to students (in the field and in the laboratory).

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