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Frédéric DELSUC

CNRS research director Team Phylogeny and molecular evolution
Phone +33 (0)4 6714 39 64
Localization bâtiment 22, RDC

Personal website : http://fdelsuc.wixsite.com/homepage

I am interested in the methodological aspects of phylogenetic inference and its application to reconstruct the evolutionary history of mammals and tunicates from genomic data. The ultimate goal of my research is to understand the genomic adaptations that underlie the evolution of morphological convergence.

1. Delsuc F., Superina M., Tilak M.-K., Douzery E.J.P. & Hassanin A. (2012).
Molecular phylogenetics unveils the ancient evolutionary origins of the enigmatic fairy armadillos. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution sous presse.

2. Ranwez V., Delsuc F., Ranwez S., Belkhir K., Tilak M.-K. & Douzery E.J.P. (2007). OrthoMaM: a database of orthologous genomic markers for placental mammal phylogenetics. BMC Evolutionary Biology 7: 241.

3. Delsuc F., Brinkmann H., Chourrout D. & Philippe H. (2006). Tunicates and not cephalochordates are the closest living relatives of vertebrates. Nature 439: 965-968.

4. Delsuc F., Brinkmann H. & Philippe H. (2005). Phylogenomics and the reconstruction of the tree of life. Nature Reviews Genetics 6: 361-375.

5. Delsuc F., Scally M., Madsen O., Stanhope M.J., de Jong W.W., Catzeflis F.M., Springer M.S. & Douzery E.J.P. (2002). Molecular phylogeny of living xenarthrans and the impact of character and taxon sampling on the placental tree rooting. Molecular Biology and Evolution 19: 1656-1671.

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